Calibration Chessboard
In order to calibrate RyngDyng, one of these chessboards is required. It consists of two stripes made of polycarbonate and with 'chessboards' printed on them. The stripes are connected with two flexible bands. By means of this construction, they well fit into every RyngDyng case.For calibration, the upper chessboard is pinned to the target at a central position using ordinary target pins. The lower chessboard is adjusted vertically using the markers.

Sun visors
For outdoor use in sunlight, we recommend using sun visors. The cameras are effectively protected from light coming in from the side. A high-quality ND filter is also built in, which reduces the amount of light and ensures that the digital cameras can work within the optimum range.The sun visors are easily attached to the camera mounts. The set contains 3 sun visors, suitable for one RD720.

WiFi Router
The RyngDyng WiFi router provides a wireless LAN that all RyngDyng systems will connect to. The user devices such as mobiles, tablets or PCs and running the RyngDyngApp will also connect to this WiFi network and then can control the RyngDyng systems. Only one router is required per shooting range or training hall.The routers can be powered with the RyngDyng USB charger, furthermore they can be powered by standard USB powerpacks. This enables the RyngDyng systems to be used in any environment and indpendent from the main supply.The foam inlay of the RD600 has got a slot to store the router savely.